Wardrobe and Production Design Resume


2018        "Kidbasix," New Wave Enviro
                 Front Runner Films, Boise ID
                 Production design, set design and build

2017         "Trophies" Idaho Central Credit Union
                  Drake Cooper, Boise ID
                  Production Designer, Prop Master, prop design and fabrication

2017         "Vision 2020" Wells Fargo
                  Seven Summits Video, San Fransisco, Ca
                  Specialty Prop Master and costume designer, Art Department PA

2017         "Fortfiles," Treefort Music Festival 2018  
                  Artist Announcement Video Series.
                  Retroscope Media, Boise, ID.
                  Production Designer,  Wardrobe Stylist, Prop Master/ Designer

2017           "Dinner Party" Western Heating and Air Conditioning,
                   North by Northwest, Boise ID
                   Production designer, Prop Master, Wardrobe Stylist

2017           "Questions" Blue Cross of Idaho
                   State Bird Creative, Los Angles CA
                   Wardrobe Stylist

2017           "Life Is Good" Idaho Lottery
                   IceCream Entertainment, Nampa ID
                   Costume consultation and rebuild

2017           "Planet Shark," Exhibition, The Discovery Center of Idaho
                   Grande Exhibitions, Australia  
                   Props reapir

2017           "Drive," vCard Global
                   Front Runner Films, Boise ID.
                   Production Designer

2017           Sesame Software
                   Front Runner Films, Boise ID.
                   Production Designer


2018          "Accidents"
                   A short File by Stephen Heleker
                   Production Designer, Prop Master

2016          "Missed Connections"
                   Retroscope Media, Boise ID.
                   Production Designer, Costume Desinger, Prop Master

 2016         "Myth Humpers"
                   Ellipses Productions and Senestre Films, Boise ID.
                   Big Foot Costume Design/ Fabrication

2016          "A Big Encounter"
                   Mochi Mochi Media, Boise ID.
                   Big Foot Costume Design/ Fabrication

2014         "Breaking Legs,” Feature Film  
                  Ditch Pitchures and UFO Pictures, Santa Monica, Ca. 
                  Production Designer, Prop Master

2014          "Almosting It,” Feature Film  
                  Von Tagen International, Boise ID.
                  Art Director, Prop Master 

2014         "Fog or Fiction"
                 "In Your Own Back Yard" 
                 "San Francisco’s Micromircoclimates"
                  Seven Summits Video, San Francisco CA., and San Francisco Arts Commission
                  Custom prop design and fabrication 

2012        "Mandrake Estate,” Short Film
                 Retroscope Media, Boise, ID.
                 Production Designer, Prop Master, wardrobe, Prop Master/designer, 
                 set design and dresser.


2018           "Hand to God"
                   Boise Contemporary Theater, Boise ID.
                   Prop Master/ Designer, Puppet designer

2017         "Sleep In The Den"
                   Lauren Edson Dance, Boise ID.
                   Costume Designer

2016          "Intergalactic Mix Tape"
                   Lauren Edson Dance, Boise ID.
                   Costume Designer

2016          "This Way to Egress"
                   Lauren Edson Dance, Boise ID.
                   Costume Designer

2016-17      Prop Master/ Designer
                   Boise Contemporary Theater, Boise ID.
                   "Hedwig and the Angry Inch"
                   "A Nighttime Survival Guide"
                   "The Clean House"

2015-16      Prop Master/ Designer
                   Boise Contemporary Theater, Boise ID.
                   "A Skull in Connemara"
                   "Margin of Error"
                   "No More Sad Things"

2016          "Constellations"
                   Boise Contemporary Theater, Boise ID.
                   Technical Director

2015          "Super Secret Sight Specific Something" 
                   Boise Contemporary Theater, Boise ID.
                   Production Designer, Prop Master

2015          "Fata Morgana" 
                   Boise Contemporary Theater, Boise ID.
                   Assistant Costume Designer, Costume Tech     

2015         "Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson” 
                  HomeGrown Theater, Boise ID.
                  Costume Designer

2013-18  Handmade flags for venue & set decoration, Treefort Music Festival, Boise ID.


2018        "Hand to God," puppets for theater production

2015         Custom Hand and Rod Puppets (2) 
                 Digital Wrath, Escondido, Ca.

2015         Custom Hand and Rod Puppet, "Mille" 
                 Young Audiences: Arts For Learning, Princeton, NJ

2014         “Super Fantastic Ultra Extreme Rutgers Challenge”
                  Rutgers University New Student Orientation Game Show
                  Retroscope Media, Boise ID.
                  Production Designer, Prop Master, puppet design and fabrication, assistant puppeteer

2014          Custom Hand and Rod Puppets (2) 
                  LaunchSquad Video, San Fransisco, Ca.


2015          Puppet Kitchen, New York NY
                  Puppet Kitchen Intern

2010        B.F.A, Boise State University, Boise, ID.
                Painting and Drawing, History of Art and Visual Culture
                Cum Laude 

2006        California College  of the Arts
                 Painting and Drawing
                 Okaland, CA.

2005-06  Parsons School of Design
                 Foundations in Art
                 New York, NY.